Sri Lankan OBA

Contact details:
Hindu College Colombo, 77, Lorenz Road, Colombo 04
Phone : +94112586169 | Fax : +94112506224 | Email : admin@hinducollegeoba.org

United Kingdom OBA

In 1986 a group of past pupils of Colombo Hindu College got together in London to find a way to help the college and its pupils. The outcome was to start a past pupils association with the following objectives,
Promote cultural, social educational and religious activities.
Promote English, other European languages, Computer studies, and Sports activities.
Organize social gatherings of the past pupils of Colombo Hindu College and their families.
To share information with old boys associations in other countries.
To provide financial support for any special projects the school undertake.
We also like to hear from past pupils of Hindu College who are resident in other European countries
Contact details:
Web: http://www.colombohinducollegeppa.co.uk | Email: admin@colombohinducollegeppa.co.uk

North-American OBA

This is the largest expatriates Alumni Association of our alma mater. We now have over 300 members and it is growing. We hope this site would provide a great forum to network with your fellow Colombo Hindu boys of the past and the present year. However, when you become a member (only the Alumni are allowed), you will get the access to our private domain where you get to meet the old boys and build your network across the globe.
The purpose of the Alumni Association is to reunite friends from your alma mater around the world and in the process build a strong network. We are currently in the process of expanding our web presence into a communication hub in enabling our members across the globe to reconnect with their friends.
Come join the Alumni Association and be part of an unprecedented network group. We like to encourage our recent graduates to contact us and get involved with the association. We are living in an information age and much of our alumni activities do get accomplished via electronic communication. Consequently, we minimize our physical meetings and yet coordinate our activities as frequently as we could.
Contact details:
Web http: www.hinducollegecolombo.com | Email: alumni@hinducollegecolombo.com
CANADA: 60 Conn Smythe Drive, Scarborough, Ontario. M1J 3P5 | Phone: (416) 722-3523, (416) 991-9160

Australian OBA

Some enthusiastic past students of Colombo Hindu College Bambalapitiya and Ratmalana assembled in a humble setting at Merrylands, NSW on 25th February 2000 on the aegis of their adored past Principal and thus the Australian Chapter of the Colombo Hindu College Old Students Association was born.
The membership of this Association is open to past Students Bambalapitiya and Ratmalana campuses of the Alma Mater and past teachers. People with special interest with the school are admitted as Associate Members.
To provide facilities for permanent and temporary residents in Australia, who were past students/teachers of either or both campuses of the school or who have a special interest in them, to meet one another
To help members in Australia who are in of need of assistance
To assist the school when there is a need for financial resources
To organize functions and outings for social and cultures purposes.
To aid the Alma Mater in times of need and also to help worthwhile causes sponsored by the Alma Mater
Contact details:
Web: www.chcosa.com | Email: committee@chcosa.com
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