The name of the association shall be “Colombo Hindu College Past Pupils Association
(UK)” hereinafter referred to as “the Association” and would be known as CHCPPA (UK)
The objectives of the association shall be to achieve the following for the old and current
students of Hindu College, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
2.1 To assist in the promotion of a sense of community, cultural, social, educational and
religious activities.
2.2 Promotion of English, other European languages, Computer Studies, sports, and games.
2.3 Establishing mutual understanding and cordial relationship with the other such
organizations and thereby extending the same to the school.
2.4 To participate in activities that may be necessary in order to extend help towards our
Alma Mater and Association
All persons who are old students of Hindu College, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka; who are old students
of Hindu College, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka, interested and willing to contribute to achieve the
objectives listed at 2.1 to 2.4 above.
3.1 The association shall have the following groups of members:
 Ordinary members:- Past pupils of Hindu College Colombo and Ratmalana are eligible to
be enrolled as members.
 Honorary members:- The association at its general meetings, may, from time to time
elect as honorary members, from among those who are otherwise not eligible for
membership, in consideration of their exceptional contribution towards the well
being of the association. The committee, may, subject to obtaining the assent of the
association at one of its general meetings, elect such honorary members if the
situation so demands.
 Associate Members: Sons and daughters of old students of Hindu College Bambalapitiya
and Ratmalana, will be eligible to become Associate Members of the Colombo Hindu
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College PPA (UK) and these Associate Members will he eligible to take part in all
activities of the PPA including representing the PPA in Sports Competitions.
3.2 The membership shall be subject to approval of membership application form by the
current Committee at a regular Committee meeting. Payment of an annual subscription
(pro rata based) and life membership of amounts as decided by the association from time
to time, payable before the 15th of March each year.
3.3 Persons under 18 years of age, honorary members and associate members are
exempted from payment of subscription.
3.4 The committee, subject to obtaining the assent of the association at one of its general
meetings, may suspend or remove any member from the membership if it is satisfied that
such member’s action or actions have been found to be detrimental to the objectives of the
4.1 All ordinary members who are 18 years of age and over, and are not in arrears of
subscription for membership, shall be eligible to vote in all the general meetings.
4.2 Honorary members do not have the right to vote in any of the general meetings.
4.3 Associate Members shall not be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting nor will
they be eligible to become members of the Executive Committee.
5.1 The annual general meeting of the association shall be held each year on a date
between 1st January and 31st March of the said year
5.2 A mid-year general meeting may be held between 1st of July and 31st August.
5.3 The president shall cause a special general meeting summoned if a written
memorandum signed by not less than 15 members of the association makes a request for
such a meeting.
5.4 The secretary shall give at least 21 clear days notice in writing to the members, before
the date fixed for the annual general meeting, while for the mid-year general meetings and
special general meetings, it shall be not less than 14 clear days. An agenda for each
meeting shall be sent along with such notices.
5.5 The committee shall make available to the members, at each annual and mid-year
general meetings, a true and proper record of activities including financial activities,
carried out by the association for the periods ending 30th June, along with the minutes of
the general meeting held immediately prior to such meetings.
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5.6 The membership register of the association, indicating the members who are eligible
to ,vote at the meeting shall be made available for perusal by members, at each annual,
mid-year and special general meetings.
5.7 The quorum for the general meetings shall be 15.
6.1 In addition to Immediate Past President (IPP) there shall be elected following office bearers,
for the association and they shall comprise the committee of management.
Asst Secretary
Asst. Treasurer
Sports Coordinator
Asst. Sports Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Asst. Event Coordinator
Up to 6 Committee members
6.2 A fully subscribed member for the previous two years, shall be eligible to be nominated to
the Committee of Management and for the key positions such as President, Vice President,
Secretary and Treasurer, those nominated shall possess a minimum of two-year active participation
within the Committee of Management.
6.3 Members shall not hold the same key positions (only) more than two consecutive terms.
6.4 The term of the office bearers shall be a maximum of two years from the date of assumption of
office at an AGM. If the Committee agrees to continue for two years, it shall inform in AGM or
General Meeting and seek the consent of the Association.
6.5 Sub Committee – The Committee of Management shall nominate subcommittees as it feels
necessary to execute specific tasks only but any actions carried out are subject to the approval of the
Committee of Management.
6.6 Advisory Committee – This Committee provides advice and guidance to the Committee of
6.6.1 The Advisory Committee shall have up to seven members who shall be nominated at
an AGM and such members shall possess experience of holding key positions as listed
under clause 6.2 within Committee of management of CHCPPA (UK) and shall not hold
any positions within the current committee of management.
6.6.2 Advisory Committee members should be impartial individuals who share the
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values of CHCPPA(UK) constitution and acts are the guardians of the constitution along
with the Patron.
6.6.3 Where activities are not suitable for the Association or non-compliance with the
Constitution the committee shall challenge such activities of the office bearers or the
committee as a whole. In such circumstances, the Committee of Management or the office
bearer shall respond satisfactorily and seek the consent of the Advisory Committee, prior
to taking any further actions.
6.6.4 Advisory Committee has the authority to attend both committee and general
meetings and also to call AGM in an event of serious violation of the constitution.
7.1 All office bearers (excluding IPP) referred to at Items above shall be elected by a
single majority at the annual general meetings. When there is a tie in voting, the presiding
chairman shall decide the winner by the toss of a coin.
7.2 There shall be a proposer and a seconder for the nominations for the election of each
office bearer, and any number of nominations shall be allowed. Nominations shall be
submitted by no later than seven (7) days before the proposed date for AGM, to an
appointed person as decided by the Association from time to time. If more than one
nomination is received per position, they shall be put to the house for voting and the one
who receives the highest number of votes shall be declared elected to the office for which
he was proposed. The voting shall be by secret ballots or by a show of hands as in the case
of voting for other purposes.
7.3 A pro term president shall be elected to conduct the election of the president. When
once the president is declared elected, he shall take the chair and conduct the
election of the rest of the office bearers of the committee of management.
7.4 In case of a tie in the number of votes cast for any purpose other than for the
election of the office bearers the presiding president shall exercise his casting vote.
8.1 The quorum for the meetings of the committee shall be 5.
8.2 Any committee member who absents himself for three consecutive meetings, without
valid reasons or without obtaining prior leave of absence from the committee shall lose
his membership in the committee.
It shall be the duty of the secretary to record the minutes and attendance of all general and
committee members.
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The treasurer in the books of the association shall properly record all financial
transactions of the association, and the issue of an official receipt of the association shall
promptly acknowledge all funds received by the association. All funds so received shall
be credited in a bank account in the name of the association. Withdrawals of money from
the bank shall be by cheques drawn and signed by two members nominated by the
committee of management, where the treasurer will be maintaining all financial accounts.
Accounts shall be prepared half yearly and presented at the mid-year and annual general
meetings. The financial year of the association shall be from 1st February to 31st January.
For any payments beyond £100, the Committee of Management shall seek consent from
Advisory Committee for financial transparency and accountability.
A two-member committee shall be elected at the annual general meeting to approve the
Any alteration and/or amendments to this constitution shall receive the assent of not less
than two-third of the membership of the association present and voting at one of the
general meetings.
The words “association” and “committee” referred to in the foregoing paragraphs shall,
where they are not specifically defined, mean and imply “Past Pupils Association of
Hindu College” and “committee of management” respectively.
In the event of the dissolution of the association, for whatever reasons, it can be done
unanimously by those members attending and voting at a Special General Meeting called
for the purpose.
In the event of dissolution of the Association any assets or property of the Association
remaining after the discharge of all just debts and liabilities shall become the property of
The Hindu College Colombo and shall be transferred to:
“Colombo Hindu College Trust fund”:
Bank: Seylan Bank
Branch: Wellawatte
Address: Galle Road, Wellawatte, Colombo 6, Sri Lanka.